Sunday, January 1, 2012

Stuff I've Made & Stuff I've Scrounged

     I have meant for a while to write this post, but first I had to take a few pictures! I've been busy crafting and scouring the countryside for bargains and ideas. (Kinda like a pirate) It's been tons of fun! Every time I make something cool my Mama is  proud and every time I get a screamin' deal my Daddy beams. Plus, I am totally stocked up for future endeavors in living outside my mama's house. (I know, it's about time, but I'm not planning on packing up my things too soon. I kinda like it here :))An interesting side effect of my habitual accumulation has been the consequent accumulation of bedroom space. I currently habitate two bedrooms, thusly accommodating myself, my books, and my hobbies. Yikes! Maybe I should get a place of my own!  
   Starting with my scrounging adventures, here's the low- down on the build- up!
This pretty little find came from an add on the internet. Mom has a tiny kitchen and needed some more storage space. The old guy with the storage shed wanted $60, he got $40. Bazinga!  
 These are the finds that Julie hates the most, the ones I grab from people's front lawns. The sign says "FREE" what would you do?? This was a small TV stand, I painted it and gave it a little re-enforcement, now it holds movies and a few books. The drawers are especially nice, I have a small room, they eliminated the need for a full sized dresser.

Mom says that in an earth quake these shelves will kill me. My books needed a home, all available wall space was dedicated to the cause.
I am so proud of this FanTaStiC MAP Desk! Yard Sale hopping on a Saturday morning with mom and dad, I scored like crazy. For $20 I picked up 2 DVD's, a welcome Pineapple, a retro fabulous segmented serving dish, and, for a mere $5, this super rad desk. I love, love, love it! 

I've squashed it next to ANOTHER book shelf, it's shelves are VAST. I'm excited just thinking about the                     day we hauled it home! Boy did Daddy laugh.
                                                                              I also MOdg Podged the letters on the book shelf spelling "Home" there are several interchangeable holiday "o's" I am excited to collect them all.                                                                          
 This cluttered mess was a lift off of a sweet friend Ruthie. She no longer harbored fond feelings for the beast, but I was (as ever) willing to make some room. (P.S. subtle homage to Marilyn & the , no joke, graphic novel of Pride&Prejudice featuring Miss Elizabeth, they's my homegirls.)

 This big fella is another excellent scrounge.
  Fo FREE. That's right, it was on another friendly neighbor's front lawn. This book shelf is massive! Took me a while to find a way to wedge it into one of my rooms. The solution came to me when the cold weather came and we had to bring Mom's rain forest inside for the winter. It's a great place for all of her house plants to get some sunshine safely behind the window. Sadly, this monster made me a tiny bit late for work. It was too big to fit in my Jeep! Lucky for me, Daddy was home and zoomed to my rescue in his Truck. It went something like this:
Me: Hey Daddy, whatchadoin?
Dad: Out in the garden, why?
Me: Well, I'm down the street and this enormous FREE bookshelf won't fit in my Jeep! Well, if I could lift it by myself I am sure I would find that it would not fit. Can you come help me?
Dad: What? I guess.
Me: Like right now? Cause I was on my way to work, but I gotta have this shelf!!!
Best Dad EVER.
This shelf is stuffed in the tiny space above my closet, I can't reach it, bit I can see it! 

This is a scrounge/Build. I found an ugly piece of wood in the wood pile out back, collected a few baby food jars (courtesy Grammy and Claire) and approached Dad with my idea. The result? I crooked and wonderfully useful ribbon rack and a great place to keep buttons and beads. Matty saved those love birds for me when they moved into Grandma Martin's house. He knows how I love birdies!

New adventures in paper crafting, I am still contemplating these, but I like the idea. I hope they turn out.

 Saw it on Pinterest! Old Oatmeal can. Outside holds headbands, other hair things go inside. So much better than digging through a drawer full of ribbons and flowers! I plan to make one with Alexandria next time we visit. I think she'll loving making it. Hopefully it will help her keep her hair things together and be more willing to put them away.
Cutest Banner Ever! Well, that's what I'm tellin myself. I had fun making it. The colors are really great.

This is a cover for my sewing machine. Flip it upside down and it becomes a carrying case with a wide comfy strap.

Well, those are my latest adventures! I have a closet full of these kinds of things. Matt thinks it's a terrific waste of space. Often lovingly referred to as my "hopeless chest", but I find a particular joy in making old things new, in putting orphaned pieces together to make a family. Ha ha, it's good to be your own kind of beautiful.


  1. Oh my gosh Liz! You are so talented...I am such a believer in the importance of making a space your own, and I can tell you put your whole self into yours. So glad you shared! I'm ispired.

  2. I like it Lizz, but you didnt tell the people that the poster was mine. It also gave me some great ideas for my little place here in Iowa.